Light + Intelligent Building Middle East | 16 - 18 January 2024 | Dubai

This year, MEA’ leading event for lighting and building technology will dive deep into a theme that resonates with the times – “Enlightened Futures: How responsibility will guide the future of Light and Buildings”.

As we advance in the realm of intelligent building systems and luminous architectures, responsibility should be our guiding light. Whether it's ensuring energy efficiency, promoting well-being, or safeguarding our environment, our commitments today shape the legacies of tomorrow. The built environments of tomorrow are not just about advanced tech integrations and innovative designs; they are about constructing spaces that are ecologically conscious, socially responsible, and fundamentally sustainable.

Join us from 16 to 18 January, 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre in exploring visionary ideas, cutting-edge solutions, and trailblazing dialogues that align with a future where responsibility is at the heart of every beam of light and every brick laid.

Let's co-create spaces that are not just smarter but also kinder to our world!

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