Poland Trade Show Light 2024(31 January-2 February)

Trade Show Light in Poland stands out as a big event in the country's lighting industry, bringing together a diverse array of exhibitors and visitors each year. This significant exhibition serves as a platform for both local and international manufacturers to showcase their latest products, creating a dynamic marketplace that fosters innovation and collaboration.


The event's three-day duration provides ample time for participants to immerse themselves in the latest offerings from the lighting industry. The presence of manufacturers from both Poland and abroad ensures a broad spectrum of products and perspectives, enriching the experience for visitors seeking cutting-edge solutions.


Architects, interior designers, investors, producers, distributors, and anyone seeking inspiration can find the "Trade Show Light" to be an ideal destination. The comprehensive nature of the exhibition caters to a diverse audience, providing a platform for networking, idea exchange, and collaboration among professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Beyond lighting, the exhibition expands its scope to include related fields such as electrical engineering, construction, teletechnics, and even solutions in the burgeoning field of electromobility. This integration of various industries in one location creates a holistic experience, reflecting the interconnected nature of modern technologies and solutions.


For those involved in the lighting industry or related fields, this event serves as a vital source of inspiration, information, and networking, contributing to the advancement of the industry in Poland and beyond.


From 31 January-2 February, 2024, in Poland, let’s explore visionary ideas and creating more possibilities.


Source from: https://lightfair.pl/


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