Benefits Of Choosing VSTLED (VST Lighting) Cabinet LED Lighting

Benefits Of Choosing VSTLED (VST Lighting) Cabinet LED Lighting

Established in 2008, VSTLED (VST Lighting) has been the leading LED smart under cabinet lighting solution provider, supplier, and manufacturer. We have a factory to produce and supply high-quality products to global customers.


Smart Solutions for Modern Spaces


VST has emerged as an innovator in an era when smart lighting is changing how we illuminate our living spaces.

We understand that lighting is not just about brightness; it's about creating environments that enhance beauty, functionality, and overall experiences.

Our LED smart under cabinet lighting solutions are tailored to satisfy the growing demands of homeowners and professionals alike.


A Global Reach


As a global player, VST caters to a diverse clientele. Our factory is equipped to meet the demands of customers on a global scale, ensuring that the brilliance of VST lighting reaches homes and businesses around the world.


Quality Assurance


VST Lighting has mature research and development, testing, production equipment, and operating processes. Ensuring that our engineers could focus on every detail of the products, and provide customers with competitive products.

Our dedication to quality extends to our certified laboratory, where specifications are verified to ensure that what we promise is exactly what you get.


Our dedication to quality is evident in the certificates we hold. VST cabinet LED Lighting products proudly have certificates of UL, ETL, CE, TUV-GS, and RoHS, attesting to the strict standards we adhere to in terms of safety, performance, and environmental sustainability.


Your Vision, Our Mission


At VST, we believe in turning your lighting vision into reality. Our international network of distribution centers ensures that the products you need are readily available, supporting timely project completion.


Supporting Your Success


VST is not just a lighting provider; we are your partner in success. We understand the challenges professionals face, and we've tailored our approach to support you every step of the way.


With the "market-oriented, customer-focused" service concept, VST offers the best and most customized products to perfectly fit what you need, including LED cabinet puck lights, under cabinet rechargeable lights, LED aluminum channels, cabinet light sensor switch, etc. Welcome to join us and become one of our distributors or agents!

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