Smart Under Cabinet Lighting Possible Solution for “looking for 3 inch puck lights for my show case that works on a touch hinge with 3 levels of light”

Smart Under Cabinet Lighting Possible Solution for “looking for 3 inch puck lights for my show case that works on a touch hinge with 3 levels of light”

First Introduction of LED Cabinet Puck Lights


  1. PL05 LED cabinet puck lights


The PL05 is a 2.5-inch lighting fixture known for its high lumen efficiency, superior Color Rendering Index (CRI), and excellent color consistency. Operating at 12V with a power consumption of 1.8W, it offers multiple Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs) including 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K.


  1. PL07 LED cabinet puck lights


The PL07 comes in a 4-inch size and is distinguished by its high lumen efficiency, superior Color Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 80, and commendable color consistency. It provides flexibility with voltage options of either 12V or 24V, corresponding to wattages of 3W and 4.2W, respectively. Additionally, users have the freedom to select from various color temperatures, including 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K.


Second Introduction of Cabinet Light Sensor Switch


VST Lighting provides various kinds of cabinet light sensor switches, such as Door Activated Light Switch, Motion Sensor Light Switch, Hand Wave Sensor Light Switch, LED Lighting Touch Dimmer and Wireless Light Switch. You can choose them based on your needs.


  1. ID01 Single Door Activated Light Switch12V-60W/24V-120W


  1. PR01 Smart Motion Sensor Light Switch 12V-60W/24V-120W


  1. IH02 Hand Wave Sensor Light Switch12V-60W/24V-120W


  1. TS03 Touch Screen Light Switches12V-30W/24V-60W


  1. TS14 LED Wireless Touch Dimmer Switch 3V-60


Third Introduction Of LED Driver


VST Lighting LED Driver is designed to be used for 12V or 24V LED lights in cabinets, counters, closets, and wardrobes. Most of them have complied with safety standards and obtained CCC,ETL certificates.


  1. LD40 Constant Current LED Driver 12V/24V 8W/10W


  1. LD70 Ultra-Thin LED Power Supply12V/24V 45W/48W


  1. LD72 Power Supply for LED Lights12V/24V 90W/100W


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