How To Choose The Right Door Open Activated Light Switch For Your Cabinets

How To Choose The Right Door Open Activated Light Switch For Your Cabinets

After upgrading or remodeling your cabinets in your bathroom, kitchen, or somewhere else,  will you be confused about how to choose the right LED sensor switches?

Because there are so many kinds of door open activated light switch, it must be hard for you to discover satisfying products.

Luckily, there are still some ways for you to refer. Let's make it simple and tailored just for you.


  • Know Your Cabinets

First things first, take a quick look at your cabinet's setup. Is there a vertical partition in the middle? Knowing this will lead us to the perfect solution.


  • Choose The Right LED Sensor Switches


  1. Cabinet with No Vertical Partition

For cabinets without that middle partition, you can choose the integrated door open activated light switch. It comes with 24V connectors, making installation easy. Just plug it in, and your cabinet is lit up instantly.


  1. Cabinet with Vertical Partition

Do you have a vertical partition in your cabinet? No worries.

The Dual Head IR Door Sensor Switch is your match! The only thing to note is that its connectors run on 12V. Easy fix: snip off the old connectors, do a little soldering, and you're all set for a secure hardwired connection.


  • Key Distinctions


  1. Integrated door open-activated light switch

Ideal for cabinets without a middle partition.

Effortless plug-and-play setup with 24V connectors.



  1. Dual Head IR Door Sensor Switch

Tailored for cabinets with a vertical partition.

Requires cutting off existing connectors and soldering for hardwiring.


With these specific solutions, it will be easier to have the right door open activated light switch! Come and try to find the suitable ones for you!

Brighten up your cabinets instantly!

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