Expolux 2024 (17th-20th,September) São Pablo-Trade Show

Expolux, the premier event for lighting companies in Latin America, is scheduled to take place at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo from September 17 to 20, 2024.


As the main gathering for the lighting industry, Expolux serves as a comprehensive showcase of technologies, trends, and innovations. The event provides a unique opportunity for merchants, retailers, specifiers, lighting designers, architects, decorators, engineers, and technicians to explore a diverse array of products and services.


Expolux is distinguished by the participation of major exhibitor brands and attracts visitors with decision-making profiles, making it a pivotal event for industry professionals. The expo functions as a crucial meeting point for those seeking to foster business relationships, stay abreast of the latest professional knowledge, and expand their networks with customers and partners.


By bringing together key players in the lighting sector, Expolux creates an environment conducive to knowledge exchange, business development, and the exploration of cutting-edge solutions. The event's significance lies not only in its exhibition of technological advancements but also in its role as a hub for fostering collaboration and growth within the dynamic landscape of the Latin American lighting industry.


Source from: https://www.expolux.com.br/en.html


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