LED Expo Mumbai 2024(9-11 May), India

LED Expo is India's big event encompassing the entire LED industry value chain. Acknowledging the immense potential, LED Expo has identified LED technology as the beacon that will revolutionize the lighting industry.

This event stands as the singular platform where exhibitors and visitors converge to source and explore the latest trends, products, and technologies from across the globe.


Recognizing LED technology as a futuristic force, LED Expo goes beyond being just a trade show; it's a visionary journey into the illumination of tomorrow. With a focus on the entire LED industry value chain, it ensures a comprehensive representation of the latest advancements, making it a crucial hub for anyone invested in the lighting sector.


Boasting over 200 exhibitors and 3000 cutting-edge brands, LED Expo Mumbai emerges as a hub of groundbreaking ideas. It goes beyond the conventional trade show, offering a dynamic space where innovation takes center stage, and attendees can witness the future of LED technology unfold before their eyes.


LED Expo Mumbai is not just an exhibition; it's a comprehensive platform covering 7+ diverse product categories. Whether you're interested in the latest lighting solutions, design trends, or applications, this event caters to every aspect of the LED technology spectrum. From raw materials to finished products, it provides a holistic view of the industry's cutting-edge developments.


For exhibitors, it's an opportunity to showcase cutting-edge products and technologies, gaining exposure on a global scale. For visitors, it's a glimpse into the future of lighting solutions, a chance to stay ahead of the curve by witnessing firsthand the trends that will soon become industry standards.


From sourcing raw materials to the latest in design and application, this event is a comprehensive guide to the evolving landscape of the LED industry.


From May 9 to 11, 2024, in India, let’s explore visionary ideas and creating more possibilities.


Source from: https://led-expo-mumbai.in.messefrankfurt.com/mumbai/en.html


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