How to Pair TS14 LED Wireless Touch Dimmer Switch with Wireless LED Driver

Wireless Touch Dimmer Switches provide convenient control over lighting systems, enhancing the user experience. We will introduce the simple process of pairing the TS14 LED wireless touch dimmer switch with a wireless LED driver. Please follow these steps to ensure a seamless connection.

How to Pair TS14 LED Wireless Touch Dimmer Switch with Wireless LED Driver

1. Ensure Proper Functionality
Before starting the pairing process, confirm that your lighting system is working correctly. Once verified, turn off the power supply to ensure safety during the pairing procedure.

2. Open the Rear Cover
Rotate the TS14 LED Wireless Touch Dimmer Switch to open the rear cover. This will provide access to the components necessary for the pairing process.

3. Remove the Battery Isolator
Inside the TS14 LED Wireless Touch Dimmer Switch, locate the battery isolator and remove it. This step is crucial for activating the switch during the pairing process.

4. Power On
Turn on the power supply to the lighting system.

5. Press Reset Button
Within the first 10 seconds of powering on, use a pin needle to press the reset button. This action initiates the pairing process.

6. Pairing Success
Once the pairing is successful, observe the light flashing three times as an indication of a successful connection.

7. Test Functionality
After pairing, test the wireless switch to ensure it properly controls the wireless LED driver.

Tips: The same way of pairing can be used for the PR08 LED Wireless PIR Sensor Switch.

In conclusion, pairing the TS14 LED Wireless Touch Dimmer Switch with a wireless LED driver is a straightforward process, enhancing the flexibility and control of your lighting system. By following these steps carefully, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless control for your lighting system

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