Meet High Quality LED Cabinet Puck Lights PL05

Meet High Quality LED Cabinet Puck Lights PL05

Have you thought about lighting your counter space or modernizing your room?Among other choices for illumination, LED cabinet puck lights can completely meet your needs. These compact lighting fixtures are designed to integrate smoothly into a wide range of applications, providing an touch of elegance to a variety of settings. VSTLED (VST Lighting) PL05 LED cabinet puck lights are your best option.


What's important about the PL05 LED Cabinet Puck Light?


The PL05 LED cabinet puck light has an ultra-thin design, measuring a mere 0.4 inches. This, coupled with its delicate appearance, adds a touch of sophistication to any space where it's installed, blending style with functionality.


At the same time, the PL05's light is not only uniform but also free of visible light spots, delivering smooth and consistent illumination. It also holds ETL certification, guaranteeing consumers of its compliance with safety and performance standards.


The PL05 has a high lumen efficiency, which ensures adequate brightness wherever it is used. Furthermore, it achieves a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), improves the color accuracy of lighted objects, and maintains good color constancy, all of which help create a more comfortable living environment.


What Makes PL05 LED Cabinet Puck Light Different?


What truly sets the PL05 LED cabinet puck lights apart is their stability and durability in high-end cabinets. These lights have consistently demonstrated a remarkable lifespan of 3-5 years, a testament to their durability and reliability. As users use these puck lights in their spaces, they introduce not just light but an enduring glow that transcends the present and stretches into the years to come.


How To Use It?


Installation of the PL05 LED cabinet puck lights is a user-friendly experience, designed with simplicity in mind.

The kit offers three optional methods: utilize the 3M double-sided tape for a quick and straightforward application; opt for screws for a more permanent fixture; or recess the lights in cabinet holes for a seamless and integrated look. The package includes 18 screws and 6 double-sided tapes, ensuring a hassle-free setup regardless of your chosen method.

What Can PL05 LED Cabinet Puck Light Do For You?


Picture your kitchen bathed in a soft, uniform glow as the PL05 LED cabinet puck lights delicately enhance the charm of your cabinets.

Imagine your jewelry showcased with precision, each piece illuminated by a spotlight that captivates attention.

Visualize the wine cabinet, now exuding a touch of sophistication thanks to these versatile lights.

The adaptability of these puck lights makes them indispensable for elevating the aesthetic appeal of every corner they grace.


Elevate your surroundings with the PL05 LED Cabinet Puck Lights, which perfectly combine design and functionality. These lights are more than simply fixtures; they become a part of your area, improving the mood and creating a lasting impact.

Give PL05 LED cabinet puck lights a chance, and give yourself a chance to welcome a new lifestyle!

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