VST Lighting at 2024 GILE guangzhou international lighting fair

VST Lighting at 2024 GILE guangzhou international lighting fair

VST Lighting attended 2024 guangzhou international lighting fair on 

June 9-12,2024  to launch new products, including fast connectable 

LED aluminum channel light, smart RGB LED glass shelf light, and flexible 

silicone strip light for cabinet light applications. 


The focus of 2024 GILE shifts toward human-centric spatial design and 
city planning, aiming to create deep connections between individuals and 
the realms of art, technology, and business.
Embracing the theme of "Light - The Power of Infinity," GILE 2024 serves
as a platform for participants to expand their perspectives, find inspiration, 
and explore new techniques, technologies, and applications, all while 
emphasizing the significance of light quality and digital integration.

In this lighting fair, VST attracted many domestic and foreign 

audiences to discuss the innovative applications of smart lighting. 


products show at 2024 GILE


audiences at 2024 GILE


audiences at 2024 GILE

VST Lighting is the leading smart home lighting provider. VST one-stop cabinet 

lighting solutions meet the demand for different applications of home lighting, 

hotel lighting, and more spaces. With health and smart lighting design, we 

strive to help customers easily control the dimming brightness, tunable 

color temperature, etc. to achieve personalized lighting and smart control.

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