How Do VST Lighting Cabinet Light Sensor Switches Enhance Convenience?

Are you looking to simplify your lighting control without sacrificing functionality?


If you've found yourself in a situation where you have a 120v cable from a wall switch at each of your power locations, but prefer the simplicity of on/off operation. Are you worried about the cabinet light sensor switches on the power cable requiring me to hit the power button every time you turn the power on at the wall switch?

Actually, you do not need to worry about it. Because our VST Lighting cabinet light sensor switches equipped in our light kit have a power-off memory function.

When you disconnect the AC 120v main switch, the brightness of the puck lights will default to the state before power-off when you next power them on. You do not need to use the dimmer switch to adjust the brightness each time.

This feature enhances convenience and ensures a seamless lighting experience every time. Whether you're illuminating your kitchen cabinets, display shelves, or any other space, you can rely on our cabinet light sensor switches to simplify your lighting control without compromising performance.

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