Cabinet LED Lighting Solutions

Suitable for residential and commercial lighting spaces

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Looking for a reliable under cabinet LED lighting solutions manufacturer to begin your business? Create a unique ambiance and illuminate your countertop.

What types of LED lightings and accessories of the solutions include?

Bookshelf lighting solution

Illumate your countertop

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Solutions for kitchen Room

The kitchen is the hub of the home, make sure your space meets your needs. Personalise your kitchen to suit you by adding a stunning lighting scheme tailored to your lifestyle.

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1. LED cabinet Light

Item: PL05
Power: 1.8W
Color: 4500K(proposal)
CRI: 80~90

2. Recessed handwave switch

Item: IH01
Max Current 5A
Size Φ15mm*12mm
Function: Wave on/OFF
Application Wet hand wave on more convenient

3. Linear Light

Item: AP92
Power: 9.6W/m
CCT: 3000K-6500K
Size: 23*7.6mm

4. Super slim LED Driver

Item: LD43
Power: 90W-12V-7.5A
size: 308*60*16mm
Port: 5 JST
Function: Multi-protection, high efficiency, wide range of AC input, PF 0.95 as green power, EMC components provide stable & durable performance.

Solution For Living Room

Create the difference with the Power of Lighting.
Lighting can completely transform your living area beyond the practical benefits. It creates ambience, a brighter, more spacious and multi-dimensional feel and highlights design features.

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1. LED Rubber light

Item: NEON3
LED: 120 pc/m 2835
Power: 3.6W/m 12V
Color: 3000K-6500K

2. Recessed LED Spot Light

Item: CB29
Power: 3W
color: 3000K-6500K
Size: Φ65*13mm

3. Drawer Linear light

Item: HS03
Power: 3.5W(563mm)
Color: 4000K
Size: 16*13mm
Advantage: built-in door sensor

4. Recessed mini LED sport light

Item: CB28
Power: 1.2W
Color: 3000K-6500K
Size: Φ36*15mm

5. Wireless CCT control panel

Item: TS16
Color: 3000K-6500K
Size: 50*50*6.7mm
Battery: 3V, up to 2 years using
Function: Apply with VST wireless driver, can control 2 groups of light, adjust brightness, from warm to cold white.

Solution For Bathroom, Wardrobe

The bathroom is often your only retreat, create your perfect sanctuary by adding functional yet subtle lighting designed specifically for the bathroom.

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1. Recessed LED Spot light

Item CB07
Power 3W
Color 3000K-6500K
Size Φ65*13mm

2. IP44 LED strip

Item FS01
LED 36/m 3014
Power 3.6W/m 12V
Color 3000K-6500K

3. LED Glass Shelf Light

Item SL04
Power 6W
Color 3000K-6500K
Size 900mm
Function can inlay PIR sensor

4. Battery led wardrobe light

Item BT09
Battery 1000mAh Li-ion
Input 5V
Sensor built-in PIR/ID/Hand wave sensor

5. Recessed LED linear light

Item AP44
Power 12W/m 12V
Color 3000K-6500K
Size 18*8mm

Solution For Bedroom

Transform your morning routine by turning on VST lighting in your bedroom. Add functional wardrobe lighting - no more mornings searching for an outfit in the dark.

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1. LED rubber light

iItem FS30 Neon 2
LED 120/m 2835
Power 5W/m 12V
Color 3000K-6500K

2. LED Recessed Spot Light

Item CB28
Power 1.2W
Color 3000K-6500K
Size Φ36*15mm

3. LED gooseneck reading light

Item RL11
Power 1.5W+8W
Color 3000K-6500K
Size Φ20*580mm
Function with 1 USB to support fast charging, brightness adjustable.

4. Recessed PIR sensor

Item PR01
Size Φ18*12mm
Voltage 12V 5A
Time delay 30s

5. Sensor LED wardrobe light

Item HS04
Power 4.5W(563mm)
Color 3000K-6500K
Sensor: built-in door sensor, or motion senor

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Why choose under cabinet LED lighting?

Under cabinet LED lighting is often used for kitchen and pantry cabinets to provide a unique ambiance and illuminate your countertop.
It is complementary to enhance your task lighting and appearance in the kitchen room. It also can be a night light in dimmable or a low or high light level for your countertop.

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