How To Use LED Cabinet Puck Lights & Where Can I Use Them?

How To Use LED Cabinet Puck Lights & Where Can I Use Them?

Are you looking for a new style for your home, office, or studio? LED cabinet puck lights can be your option. However, there is still a question: how can I use LED cabinet puck lights after buying them?

We will provide professional advice for your reference.


How To Use LED Cabinet Puck Lights?


It's crucial to understand how to install LED cabinet puck lights. These fixtures typically come in sets, including puck lights and connecting cables.


  1. Choose LED Driver: Determine whether you'll be using a plug-in or hardwired power source. Plug-in options are simpler and suitable for DIY projects, while hardwired installations offer a seamless, integrated look.


  1. Placement: Please advancely plan the placement of your puck lights. Common locations include underneath cabinets, shelves, or in display cases. Ensure that the chosen spots provide adequate illumination for the intended purpose.


  1. Connect and Secure: Connect the puck lights using the provided cables, and secure them in place using the included mounting hardware. Pay attention to spacing for even illumination.


  1. Installation Method

Surface-Mounted Installation

Surface-mounted LED cabinet puck lights are installed directly on the surface of the cabinet or the desired area. Some fixtures come with magnets or adhesive backing for easy attachment.

Then, you can connect the puck lights using the provided cables and conceal the wiring along the surface for a neat appearance.


Recessed-Mounted Installation

Recessed-mounted LED cabinet puck lights are installed into a hollow opening in the cabinet or surface, providing a sleek and integrated look. First, you need to carefully measure and cut openings in the cabinet or surface where you want to install the puck lights. Ensure the openings are the right size for a snug fit.

Then, you can insert the provided mounting sleeves into the openings. Place the puck lights into the mounting sleeves, ensuring they are flush with the surface.

In the end, you can connect the puck lights using the provided cables, and conceal the wiring within the recessed openings for a clean and concealed look.


Where To Use LED Cabinet Puck Lights?


  1. For Cabinet LED Lighting

One of the most popular applications for LED cabinet puck lights is under cabinet illumination in kitchens and other workspaces. By installing these lights beneath cabinets, you can create a well-lit countertop area, making tasks like chopping vegetables or reading recipes more manageable.


  1. For Display Showcase

LED cabinet puck lights are perfect for highlighting and enhancing displays in cabinets or on shelves. Whether you're showcasing family heirlooms, collectibles, or artwork, the focused beams of these lights can draw attention to specific items, adding a touch of sophistication to your interior design.


  1. For Closet and Wardrobe Lighting

Illuminate your closets and wardrobes with LED cabinet puck lights to eliminate shadows and make finding clothes a breeze. The compact size of puck lights allows for easy installation in confined spaces, providing practical and stylish lighting solutions.


  1. For Workspaces

Create an efficient and well-lit workspace by incorporating LED cabinet puck lights. Mount them under shelves or cabinets to illuminate desks or workstations, reducing eye strain and enhancing productivity.


  1. For Retail Merchandise

In commercial settings, LED cabinet puck lights can be invaluable for showcasing retail merchandise. Their compact size and directional illumination allow for creative and customizable displays that effectively attract attention and highlight products.


To sum up, the installation of LED cabinet puck lights is worthy of attention. You can also use them in many places if you want to. Hope all this information and advice can help you make a better decision!

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