VST Lighting WB01-C Intelligent Voice Driver Networking Manual

WB01-C Intelligent Voice Driver Networking Manual

Tuya APP networking process:

No.1 Tuya app download

Search for the "Tuya Smart" APP in each application market,and download and install it.

No.2 Registration/Login

Registration: If you do not have an APP account, you can choose to register or log in through an SMS verification code. This and the next page describe the registration process. 1. Click "Create New Account" to enter the privacy policy page of the Tuya Smart Platform. After clicking Agree, you will officially enter the registration page of the mobile phone number. 2. The system automatically determines the current country/region, and you can also manually select the country/region. After entering the mobile phone number or email address, click "Get Verification Code", enter the received verification code, then enter the password, and click "Finish" to complete the registration.

No.3 Add equipment

 First, press and hold the button on the control box until the light flashes; then click "Add Device" or the "+" on the upper right of the APP home page to enter the add page, and when "Discover Device" appears, click Add, and select the device working area to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi and enter the Wi-Fi password, click "OK" to enter the network distribution process, if you choose the default mode for network distribution, the percentage of network distribution progress will be displayed, and the device with successful network distribution can modify the name, or select the room location ( If the network configuration fails, the APP will display that the connection has timed out, and you can choose to re-add or view the help).



ALEXAP distribution network process:

Note: Configure the App to modify the device name to a name that Alexa can easily recognize, usually in English, such as "bed light"

  1. Configure the Amazon Echo device (if you have already configured the Amazon Echo, you can skip this step, the following instructions are based on the IOS client.

Please make sure your Amazon Echo device is powered on and connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Open the Alexa App on the mobile phone, after successful login, click the menu in the upper left corner of the Home page, select "Settings", and click "Set Up a New Device" to set up the Amazon Echo device.


The Amazon Echo device type and language you choose to connect to the Internet, press and hold the small dot on the device until the light flashes according to the operation prompts, and then click "Continue" to enter the connection hotspot.

After connecting to the hotspot of Amazon Echo, go back to the page. At this time, the connection is successful. Then click "Continue" to enter the next step. Choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to the network. Amazon Echo will try to connect to the network for a few minutes.

After the network connection is successful, click "Continue", and an introduction video will appear at this time. After the video is played, click "Continue" to jump to the Home page of Alexa. At this point, the configuration process of Amazon Echo is over.

  1. Key steps - binding skills

In the Alexa APP menu, tap to enter "Skills".

Then search to find "Tuya Smart". Click "Enable" to enable the skill.

After entering, enter the Tuya Smart App account number and password, and then click "Link Now" to bind your Tuya Smart App account, you can activate the Skill, and you can start your smart home journey.

  1. Common control words

Control your devices with your voice Now you can control your smart devices with your Echo. You can control your device (such as bedroom light) with the following commands:

Alexa, turn on/off the bedroom light.

Alexa set the bedroom light to 50 percent.

Alexa, brighten/dim the bedroom light.

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