What Is Smart Door Sensor Switch?

What Is Smart Door Sensor Switch?

Are you tired of fumbling for light switches in the dark or leaving lights on by mistake?

Look no further! We're excited to introduce our new Door Sensor Switch, an innovative way to modernize your lighting setup.


What is the door sensor switch?


A door sensor switch is an intelligent device designed to automate lighting or electronic appliances based on the opening and closing of a door. Utilizing sensor technology, such as PIR sensors, these switches detect door movement.


When the door is opened, the sensor activates, turning on any connected lights or appliances, and when the door is closed, the sensor deactivates.


They are known for versatility, high sensitivity, and easy installation, making them energy-efficient solutions for spaces requiring automatic lighting management, such as closets, cabinets, and commercial settings.


Features of Door Sensor Switch


  1. Versatile Compatibility

Our door sensor switch's versatility is one of its most notable qualities. Designed to work effectively with both 12V and 24V lights, it's the perfect solution for a variety of applications, particularly ideal for under cabinet LED lights.


  1. High Sensitivity

With the high sensitivity of our door sensor switch, you could experience the magic of automation. The LED lights respond immediately when you open the door, delivering lighting exactly when you need it. When you close the door, the lights fade away gracefully, conserving energy and improving the overall user experience.


  1. ID Sensor Technology

Our ID sensor, designed for cabinets with doors, ensures that the switch activates only when the door is opened or closed, boosting its precision.


  1. Easy Installation

We believe in keeping things simple. The recessed mounting design makes installation easy. Transform your space without the need for complicated setups or wires.


  1. Professional Tip:

While this switch accommodates both 12V and 24V lights, we recommend paying attention to detail. To improve the performance of a 24V light switch, try changing the connector or using expert hardwiring processes.


Upgrade your lighting system with the latest smart door sensor switch. Elevate your space's functionality and ambiance with VST Door Sensor Switch.


Transforming Spaces, Illuminating Lives.



Ready to make the switch to intelligent lighting? Contact us today!

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