LED Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting your home with advanced and modern lighting technology. Looking for smart lighting for your projects or your home?

  • One Switch to One Single Light

    One smart cabinet light sensor switch control one single LED light.

  • One Switch to Multi Lights

    One single smart cabinet light sensor switch control Multi LED lights.

  • Multi Switches to One Single Lights

    Mulit smart cabinet light sensor switches control one signle LED light.

  • One Switch to Double LED Lights

    One smart cabinet light sensor switches control double LED lights.

Smart Lighting for Automation and Convenience

Want to turn off your home lighting after you sleep on the bed?

Or light up your home before you step into the door? Or turn off all lighting with automation control? Or create any mood and atmosphere with the different color temperatures that you desire?

At VSTLED the LED Smart Lighting Solutions system can be your excellent helper.

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Easy to get LED Smart Lights

At VSTLED, LED Smart under cabinet lighting is an advanced technology that allows you to control your lights using door-open activated light switches, handwave sensor switches, P.I.R sensor switches, touch dimmer sensor switches, etc.

All your lights at home can be automated lights with LED smart lighting systems.

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Choose Automated Sensor Switch for the LED Smart Lighting Solutions

Introducing the Cabinet Light Sensor Switch, the home automation device that revolutionizes lighting control in your cabinet. This innovative switch is designed to integrate with your existing cabinet hardware, enabling you to control your cabinet lighting with ease and efficiency.

Easy to install and customize, this smart device is the perfect addition to any cabinet, offering a convenient and efficient solution for lighting control.

Invest in this innovative device today and start enjoying the convenience and efficiency of smart home automation.

Why Choose LED Smart Lighting Solutions and Systems

It can be the mood lighting

Automation and Convenience

Energy Saving and Eco-friendly

Security for home

Smart Control and Scheduling

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