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IH04 12V Hand Wave Sensor Button 30W Smart Home Light Switch with RoHS for Room,Office Lighting

IH04 12V Hand Wave Sensor Button 30W Smart Home Light Switch with RoHS for Room,Office Lighting

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Our IH04 Hand Wave Sensor Button is a premium product with RoHS Certificates that comply with safety, health, environmental protection, consumer protection, etc.

This IH04 Hand Wave Sensor Button is designed to be surface-mounted for 12V or 24V LED lights in cabinets, closets, wardrobes, and drawers. It measures 30-100mm and uses infrared detection to activate the LED lights when the user waves their hand. The cabinet LED light on/off sensor switch is easy to install.

About this item

What is a Hand Wave Sensor Button?

This sensor has a good-sensitivity detector and an integrated circuit. It is activated by hand waving. After correctly connecting this sensor with your power supply and LED lights, when you wave your hand at the sensor, the LED lights will turn on automatically, and when you wave your hand again, the lights will turn off immediately.

What is the sensor range of the device?

The device boasts a sensor range of 30-100mm, signifying its ability to detect objects or movements within this specified distance. This range is carefully calibrated to optimize performance, providing reliable and accurate results in a variety of applications.

What are the benefits of IH04 ?
The IH04 12V Surface Mounted Hand Wave Sensor Button excels in hands-free door operation, prioritizing user hygiene by minimizing physical contact.
Its compact size and easy installation cater to diverse spaces. The aluminum and plastic materials ensure durability, and the 0.2W standby power consumption reflects energy efficiency.
It is a reliable solution for various applications, promising ease of maintenance and long-term functionality.

Why choose us?
We provide a 2-year after-sales service. Contact our US-based customer service team at any time for no-hassle troubleshooting and replacement or any questions about purchasing or installation, and we will try our best to help you.

Are you still looking for a Hand Wave Sensor Switch ?
With the hand wave sensor and low power consumption, the IH04 will be your best choice! Lightly wave your hand, turn on the light, one more wave, and turn off.


1. Easy installation

2. Surface-mounted


Place of Origin Guangdong, China Brand Name VST
Product name IR hand wave sensor switch Power 30W/60W
Model Number IH04 Whether the smart Yes
Type Rectangular Shape Installation Method Surface mounted
Voltage(V) 12V/24V Product Dimension Dia 50mm*50mm*7.5mm
Sensing Range 30-80mm Material Aluminum + Plastic
Color Silver/Black Mechanical Life 3 Years
Current Max 3A Standby Power Consumption 0.2W
Customized Yes Application Cabinet light control

Application: Application for home, office, furniture, mirror light, led display cabinet, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bookshelf, etc.


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