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BT09 5V Gold Battery Powered Closet Light 1W 1100mAh Motion Sensor Night Light with Easy Installtion for Indor Decoration 7.8inch

BT09 5V Gold Battery Powered Closet Light 1W 1100mAh Motion Sensor Night Light with Easy Installtion for Indor Decoration 7.8inch

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About this item

  • Ultra-Thin: 0.35inch thick, easy to carry, stylish aluminum material. It is integrated with the wall cabinet.Natural White 4000K,Soft lighting without dazzling.No visible light dots with light panel for area light.Provide natural and soft lighting for you.
  • PIR Motion Sensor: Sensitive, it can sense and light up within 120° of the lamp and 10ft. With 1100mAh rechargeable battery inside.No need Extra AA/AAA Battery,Wireless.It can be fixed in cabinets, bookshelves for lighting and it's a Light Fixtures for a small work area instead of ceiling light
  • 4 Modes & 2 Brightness: Has 4 switch control modes: ON/OFF/Auto Mode/Night Mode. ON: Keep it lit, last 3-5 Hours; OFF: Turn Off. Auto Mode: Auto on both in day and night,auto off after 30S of inactivity; Night Mode: Only auto on in dark, auto off after 30S of inactivity.(When in night mode, the brightness is only half that of auto mode)
  • Simple Installation: Magnetic suction installation, no need for screws. Put the iron wall cabinet directly on it, if other material use the 3M double-sided sticker include iron sheets provided in the package. Easy to remove for charging and re-install.
  • Reliable After-sales Service: Provide 2-year after-sales service,contact our US-based customer service team at any time for no-hassle troubleshooting and replacement or for any questions about purchasing or installation,we will try our best to help you.

Product Description

Motion Sensor Battery Light

VST Brand Motion Sensor LED Battery Light

VST We are the pioneers of the lighting brand. Sales in the United States and Europe. It has also been a producer of famous brands of home furnishings in the United States and Germany.

Focus on cabinet/kitchen and commercial counter lighting. Ten years of experience in the design and production of white light cabinet lighting products: high-quality and affordable profiles, high-quality luminescent materials, stable intelligent circuit dimming control, and human-sensing control systems developed by ourselves.


Lighting on Auto Sensing when open the door.

Sensing  Angle 120°

Sensor mode automatically illuminates your way

Lighting on Auto Sensing when open the door.


  • Local area lighting. Increase local brightness.
  • And it only light up when it detects you.


Sensing Angle 120°


  • The sensing distance is 3 meters and 120 degrees.
  • The lamp will automatically light up when humans reach this range. And you don’t need to turn off the light, because it will automatically off in 30 seconds or 3 minutes.


Sensor mode automatically illuminates your road


  • Suitable for children and the elderly. Place it in aisles, stairs, toilets and other places.
  • Intelligence lighting changes everyone's life.


Aluminum Porfile Battery Light

Motion Sensor Mode

Portable Battery Light

BT09 Aluminum Profile Fashion Light


  • 0.35inch Ultra-Thin. Size: 200mmX40mmX9mm.
  • 3 Colors are available, stylish lamps, decorate and illuminate your space.
  • Sturdy and Durable Shell, Long-life LED beads.


Motion Sensor Mode Switch

4 Modes:


  • ON: The lights are Keep on.Until you Change switch.
  • OFF:Lights off.(OFF. And it can't be sensed to light up.)
  • 30S:Auto-off after 30 second without motion defected.
  • 3Min:Auto-off after 3 minute without motion defected.


Portable Battery Light


  • When the ON button is selected, it can be used as a hand-held illuminator.
  • Take it in your backpack, for camping, driving and other scenes.


Easy Installation with Magnet 2-Sided Tape

Absorbed On the Iron Surface Directly

Installation Step 1

Installation Step 2

Absorbed On the Iron Surface Directly


  • Absorbed On the surface of Iron, Stainless steel,Car engine cover,RV inner wall,Iron cabinet...
  • Convenient,Easy to remove for charging
  • Easy to remove and put in other places


Double-Sided Tape Installation Step 1


  • The package comes with 2 double-sided stickers with iron sheets.
  • Tear off the sticker and fix the iron sheet in the proper place where you need to fix it. Keep two distances about 5 inches.
  • Note: Sorry, the sticker is thin, please be patient to tear it apart.


Double-Sided Tape Installation Step 2


  • Hold the two ends of the lamp with both hands, and align the two magnets of the lamp with the iron sheet that has been fixed by double-sided stickers.
  • Move the lamp lightly closer to the iron sheet
  • Lamps and wall cabinets will automatically attract and fix.



USB Rechargeable,Only charge 4 times per Year if always Sensing Lighting Mode. Charge it with power bank,USB Adapter...

Car Repair Emergency Lighting

The Cabinet Scenes

Suitable for the lighting of drawers.

Car Repair Emergency Lighting


  • The lamps can be directly attached to the hood.
  • Repaire and Free hands.
  • Can keep lighting for about 3 hours.


Lighting for Cabinet


  • Used Lighting for display cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes and other places
  • When we gets closer the light, the light will light ON.
  • It is suitable for short-time lighting, if long-term lighting needs to be charged in time.


Lighting for Drawer


  • Small.
  • Turn off automatically.

Product information

Technical Details

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