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TS23 3V Wireless LED Remote Control Surface Mounted Smart Light Switch Dimmer with 4 Channels for Indoor Lighting 86*40*6.5mm

TS23 3V Wireless LED Remote Control Surface Mounted Smart Light Switch Dimmer with 4 Channels for Indoor Lighting 86*40*6.5mm

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Our TS23 Wireless LED Remote Controller are high-quality products with CE Certificates which comply with safety, health, environmental protection, consumer protection, etc.

This TS23 Wireless LED Remote Controller is designed to be surface mounted for LED lights in cabinets, counters, closets, and wardrobes. You can use one switch to control four channels of the LED power supply. This TS23 Wireless LED Remote Controller is highly sensitive and super-thin.

About this item:

What is Wireless Light Controller?

It is a device designed to remotely manage and control lighting fixtures without the need for physical connections. These controllers offer users the flexibility to manipulate the lighting settings from a distance. Typically used in smart home systems, these controllers allow users to turn lights on or off, adjust brightness levels, and, in some cases, change color temperatures.

What is unique about the touch dimmer switch feature?

 The touch dimmer switch allows users to adjust the brightness of the light with ease, providing a customizable lighting experience. Additionally, it is designed to be eye-friendly, ensuring comfort during use.

How to Install It?

The installation of this product is designed to be hassle-free, allowing users to set it up effortlessly without the need for complex procedures or tools.

What Color Options Are Available?

The product is available in white and silver, providing users with options to match their aesthetic preferences or blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Why Choose Us?

We provide 2-year warranty after-sales service, if you got any questions, please contact us first, we will try our best to help you.

Are you still looking for a wireless light controller?

This is the updated Wireless Light Controller. You can connect the sensor to power supply and 12V/24V LED cabinet lights to show you the most conveninet performance.


  1. Easy installation, surface mounting, easy to hide
  2. Plastic material reduces the cost; color contains white and silver
  3. Short touch controls ON/OFF, long press controls dimmer and brighter.
  4. Touch dimmer switch, support to adjust the brightness of light, eye-friendly.



Sensing Range 10 meter Free sample NO
working current < 5mA Material ABS+ Plastic
Product name Wireless sensor Switch Mechanical Life 3 Years
Features WIFI Control Product Type Proximity Sensor Switch
Color Silver/Black Channels 2 Channels
Frequency 2.4GHz working current < 5mA
Whether the smart Yes Application Hotel/Home

For Hotel Project, Furniture, Kitchen, Cabinet etc.

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